Sunday, July 27, 2014

Just Peachy....

My neighbor planted some peach trees between our two properties about four years ago.  With a lot of TLC and a small window of idea climate conditions this year, the trees were so heavily loaded with gorgeous peaches, the limbs are bent over almost to the ground.

 You can take it from me these peaches are absolutely delicious.

 is more proof they are delicious.  I watched this squirrel climb the tree, carefully select a peach and then start to climb back down.

 As you can see, he couldn't wait until he got all the way down....

Yum!!!  I thought he was so cute.  When I showed my neighbors this pic, they laughed saying it solved the mystery of the half-eaten peaches they were finding on the ground.

With our drought and blistering heat, part of the TCL of these trees was to shower them with water from a sprinkler.  I love the cool and refreshing ambience emanating from this photo.

This little chickadee thoroughly enjoyed bathing in the spray of water....and taking bites out of the peaches too, I might add.

Until next season...hoping for the same abundance by the Divine Designer.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

More Backyard Distractions

The Divine Designer opens my eyes, letting me see the beauty that has made my heart adore Him.  Sharing His beauty with you from my own backyard and gardens.

Zinnia, so common, yet so perfect in design.

It's colors are so brilliant.

The little Tufted Titmouse is active and conspicuous in the treetops in eastern forests and parks.

I only had one Balloon Flower this year, but my neighbor had loads in her front yard.  Wish I could solve the mystery.

Snapdragons were my favorite flower as a little child.  I loved to open them up and put my finger inside....  I guess that's why they are called Snapdragons.

The butterflies love Pincushion flower blooms.  But I never noticed, until I zoomed in on the blossom, that it actually looks like there are little pins stuck into it.

 Another variety of Rose of Sharon.

Texas Sage blooms are so gorgeous.  But they only last a few days and then they are gone.  My bush will re-bloom only a couple of times in the summer.  Fleeting beauty.

Just had to post another photo of our House Finch, commonly found.  But we have an especially vibrantly-colored one in our yard this summer.