Saturday, September 20, 2014

Again! Backyard Distractions....

Adopt the pace of Nature:
her secret is patience.

Again with those backyard distractions.  Always something I can't resist.  This time of year,   Divine Design creations are at their peak.                                   

The next few pics are closeups of some flowers represented in the above photo.

The nectar of this Sedum blossom is enjoyed by several butterfly species.

This spectacular tropical plant was introduced in Europe in 1570 and with seeds coming from Britain in the pockets of early settlers, Heirloom Celosia was eagerly embraced into American colonial gardens, including that of Thomas Jefferson.  I have been scattering the seeds annually and today they are coming up all over our property.

This is a view from the top, looking straight down at the Celosia bloom.  
Fascinating Divine Design!

Vinca--oh, so common yet still breathtaking.  Gentle rain drops adorn this one.

So, I kept hearing about others in our area having Baltimore Orioles come to their yards during this fall migration.  And I was so jealous....  But then, there he was in a tree close to our window eyeing the Hummingbird feeders.  I grabbed my camera and
 took so many photos, I don't know what to do with them...

It was a very hot day and he was thirsty.

The hummingbirds had some competition.

Love, love, love the brilliant colors even though this male is displaying his fall plumage which is not as striking as his spring feathering.

A view from our back window.

Lush Esperanza after a rain.

Blue Daze blooms are barely 1 inch in diameter.  This close up is for you! 

And then we had a most welcome visit from a Yellow Warbler traveling
 through during fall migration.

A splash in the bird bath was just what he was looking for.


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